Nobody Seems to Be Listening

Michael Millet
Michael Millet


Nobody Seems to be Listening


Well the church bells are signalling a welcome

As a baby cries 'bout to be christened

And people have gathered around to wish the child well

And the preacher's going through the motiions

His sermon's lost some of its glisten

The people have put on their faces and smiles

But nobody seems to be listening.


I said to my woman just the other day,

"We just won't see some things in the same way.

I'm different from you, but I can see your view.

I know that you hear what I say."


There's a woman calling for her husband,

Her voice echoes out of the kitchen.

Its drowned out by the football game on the television

And some parents got it all figured out,

While their kid's screaming,"Hey something's missing!"

And two sides are trying to be understood,

But nobody seems to be listening.


Communications linking every nation,

Still guns are blasting in war.

The man on the tube given the headline news,

Says we can't go on like before


And these warnings air in every household,

But most people they just go on living

And doing what they've always done

Despite what they've heard.

There's a man down the street he's unemployed,

Laid off three years short of his pension,

And now he turns to the country he fought for,

But nobody seems to be listening.


Psychiatrists and psycotherapists

Are luxuries some can't afford

With websites and bloggers for most anything

Are people that lonely or bored?


And every now and then someone will call me

To see what's up and how I been doing

I tell them I been feeling lost and alone

But before I can finish explaining,

A solution is rapidly given

And everyone's quick with their bits of advice,

But nobody seems to be listening