Ash Wednesday

Michael Millet
Michael Millet


Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday hangin’ over New Orleans

Its one in the morning,

I’m foggy and yawning,

Or all this could just be a dream


Ash Wednesday, one day after Mardi Gras,

No more beads a-throwing

The tourists are going

To tell of the tales that they saw.


Ash Wednesday, faithful go to church today

To receive their ashes

As some clean the trash

That the revelers left yesterday


Ash Wednesday, somewhere in the French Quarter

Here come the police

To clean up the streets

But still there’s somebody’s daughter


A cute girl who says she’s been out all weekend long

Is begging a man

With a tambourine hand

To play her just one more song, just one more song


Ash Wednesday, hangin’ over New Orleans

From ashes to dust

The church bells remind us

That all this could just be a dream


Oh, Ash Wednesday, time to say goodbye my friend

Yeah Mardi Gras gone

But it won’t be too long

‘Til Jazz Fest has us cookin’ again